Wearing Flip Flops

Knowing the purpose of wearing certain footwear is important, as far as making a good fashion statement is concerned. With that, you should know that flip flops are created for people to wear in and on the beaches and around pools. Thus if you like wear flip flops for the comfort and feel as well as the ability to slide on at a moments notice, then try a flop that is a little more fashion forward. That looks to cute to just wear on the beach if you know what I mean, And it doesent have to be expensive just have a little flare and match the outfit ofcourse and makes your toes look cute. 🙂 With that all being said Blue Candies Flip Flops are just the shoe to handle the job! To order your very own Blue Candies just send order along with size and quantity your paypal address or email where you can be invoiced and shipping information to charlenekimber2015@gmail.com. You may pay by credit card or paypal.

bluecandiesflop bluecandiesflop3 bluecandiesflop2


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