The Art of BodyKit Customs

The Cincinnati fashion scene is full of the most talented and upcoming Fashion Designers. Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Aaron Harrison of BodyKit Customs Clothing line. His brand is unique and slightly ahead of the fashion scene here in Cincinnati. Customizing pieces right on the spot. Like nothing I have ever seen before. His designs demonstrate the true craft and Art of Fashion Design.

Aaron Harrison is a native of Dayton, Ohio who currently lives in the Columbus, Ohio area. Shortly after moving to Columbus, Aaron was compelled by the groundbreaking originality of a fashion scene that he had not originally experienced prior.

Soon he became submerged in the movement of the Fashion and Art Industry of his new city. He soon began to cross-reference his own experiences of customizing his own clothing with custom stitching, zippers, buttons, patches and pennants. This was a new experience for him to be in such a fashionable setting especially since much of his inspiration came from what he would see in magazines ads prior to that.

He is quoted as saying “I always had a thing for customizing clothes”.It was his parents who taught him how to use his hands to create. Both of them were heavy into the D.I.Y. movement. His father did wood crafting and his mother was know as “Ms. Fixit”. When it came to sewing and clothing repair. The two combined, inspired his creative side thereby driving him down various avenues of thinking. He says that, the grace of God has kept him and sent all the right people his way. Thus, inspiring him towards a name like Bodykit which is the shadow of a scripture that talks about putting on the whole armor (clothing) of God”.

The mission of Bodykit Customizations is to be committed to making sure that their customers are complimented with the newest fashion trends.  They are also dedicated to keeping their customers in the most unique pieces possible so that they can stand out amongst the rest!

“Here at Bodykit Customizations…

I also asked Aaron a set of questions that I like to ask all designers to really get a feel on their take on all things Fashion.

Blue Candies- What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer?

Aaron Harrison-Being a fashion designer is more than just a way to express yourself it’s a way to be different  but even more importantly being a designer is a way for me to exalt the gift that God has given me in order to give praise back to him for my gift anybody who knows me knows how much I thank God for my gift

Blue Candies- What interest you about fashion?

Aaron Harrison- The thing that interests me about fashion is the way that it is configured it’s crazy to think there are so many different genres and ways for you to enter into the Fashion World ….you can go in as a person who does upcycled and going green… You can be a hat or and T-shirt designer you could be a person who only makes clothes specifically for one gender or any other various types of avenues can we travel

Blue Candies- What don’t you like about fashion?

Aaron Harrison- I’m so tired of seeing the same Trends even among the fashion Elite you can see Trends and I feel the need to be able to build a foundation so that I can eventually break the mold so to speak

Blue Candies- Being a designer in the Urban Indie Fashion Industry in Cincinnati, What is your take on how you see it?

Aaron Harrison- The thing I am seeing about most fashion designers is there isn’t a lot of originality it seems as though everybody is looking at the things that are most popular on the internet or trying to mimic things they see on superstars especially when it comes down to just putting their logos on t-shirts sweatpants and random items that they buy at the store… there are so many other avenues of inspiration that people could take me personally I pray a lot and get inspiration from the things I see during prayer being the ultimate designer where else would I look for the best type of inspiration

Blue Candies- Is there room for growth here in Cincinnati ?

Aaron Harrison – There is more than enough room for growth simply because much of the industry in the surrounding area it’s kind of dry to to say the least in the terms of their not being a lot of originality so to speak

Blue Candies – Where did you get the inspiration for your Brand?

Aaron Harrison – The inspiration for my brand came from seeing how nobody in my area would using exotic type of materials inhale using it almost doubles the cost of your pieces I also follow exclusive game out of Atlanta and frost Originals who is originally out of Chicago but operates in New York

Blue Candies – How far would you like to see your Brand go?

Aaron Harrison- I want my brand to expand to the areas of manufacturing not only that because it’s so unique it will easily be able to be put on individuals of a hi record especially in the entertainment business

Blue Candies- What is the special thing about a design that catches your eye?

Aaron Harrison – I don’t have a real process so when I see a piece I usually begin to think about how it will look if I blend it with another popular design just to make it pop more outside of that I believe adding color 2 something Bland makes it stand out

Blue Candies – What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own brand or fashion line?

Aaron Harrison- I always tell people don’t just start putting your name on the front of items just to believe somebody is going to buy them you are not a household name so you cannot expect somebody II just brand themselves with your brand you have to do something people can believe in and can relate to that sticks out the most and although everybody wants to do something different it’s good to go with the trends and then add your own Flair to make it different

Blue Candies- Is there anyone you would like to mention or thank in regards to you who you are or your brand?

Aaron Harrison – I started this whole journey gluing patches on clothes and then moved to spiking up hats and Chuck Taylors my mom pushed me to learn how to sew and if it was not for her influence I may still be trying to find a way to make it outside of that and even more importantly I want to thank the Lord for my gift because it is only through him that I moved and live and have my being

Aaron also had a few things to say about the Fashion industry in Dayton Ohio. Which is currently the city that he resides.

Aaron Harrison- Since I have a heavy movement in Dayton Ohio I would have to point to the fact that most people see fashion as high-end clothing that has Flair such as different color Robin jeans or bleached and dyed Rock and Revival Jeans and anything along that line … which points to the fact that there is not a lot of originality because at any given time the pieces that people have on will be easily seen on another person when they go out to large-scale events that’s why I was even more important for me to make pieces that have individuality to them as well as make things that people would like to wear as well

I really enjoyed my chat with Aaron. He is talented and outgoing. His Brand definitely stands out with its design originality.

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