About Blue Candies

Blue Candies By Charlene Kimber is a designer Knitwear clothing line by yours truly Charlene Kimber. After being stuck at home doing dialysis and bored  I picked up an old hobby and decided to start crocheting. I made lots of different things at first like headbands, bracelets, baby shoes, jewelry ect… I was quite good even did a few vending events with lots of positive feedback.  So I decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business to support my family.  I wanted to create something that was not only modern, hip and sexy but also comfortable. Blue Candies fulfills that idea, bringing you designs that are definite head turners while making you feel as if you are wearing next to nothing. And each and every garment is designed and personally handmade by me. With all the love, passion and care I put into every garment or item I make. So you can be sure when you purchase from Blue Candies you are getting a quality constructed garment made with the highest possible standards.


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