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Blue Candies Sponsors Cincinnati Urban Fashion Week

Blue Candies recently sponsored a groundbreaking breaking event in Cincinnati. Cincinnati Urban Fashion Week was a major move in the Urban Fashion industry in Cincinnati. The week was filled with a mixer and workshops geared to aid in networking and improvement upon ones brand. The week ended with Fashion Meets Hiphop. An explosive show combining Hiphop Artist with local upcoming brands on the stage and runway at the same time. Follow Fashion Meets Hiphop Blog


Ohio Fashion Week Welcomes Blue Candies

Saturday September 22nd 2017 at the Holiday Inn in Mentor Ohio, Ohio Fashion Week Presented by Haute Ohio Magazine welcomed Blue Candies with open arms to its event. And Blue Candies Slayed as usual. It was a high fashion event with 3 shows in one day. Blue Candies was among the first to showcase. Which was cool because of the long drive back to Cincinnati.

It it was a high fashion event presenting only Couture Designers of many different genres. Blue Candies being the only Crochet Wear in the building. Celebrity guest were even in attendance.

If you miss this years event don’t miss next year in 2018. Which is set to be bigger and better then before.


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One More Week Until The Greatest Show On Earth!

Ok the count down has begun. It is now exactly 8 days until Blue Candies puts on the greatest show to hit this side of the Mississippi in a long time. Fashion Meets Hip Hop is the Brain child of Blue Candies. It is a cataclysmic explosion of Fashion and Music together on stage to bring you one awesome show. Some of the most talented Indie Artist, Designers, MUA and Photographers in the business.

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Watch “Cincinnati Spring Fashion Show Labels & Tags Blue Candies” on YouTube

Sunday April 3rd 2016 at 5pm Blue Candies showcased it’s Spring Line yesterday in the “Cincinnati Spring Fashion Show Labels & Tags”. At The Avenue Night Club and Event Center located at 9625 Hamilton Ave in Cincinnati Ohio.

Blue Candies Slayed The Runway with its original handmade knitwear. Boasting original designs and their Daisy logo with deep, rich and bold colors. The models took to the Runway with confidence and style, in the coture and finely tailored garments making this show one that viewers will come to remember.

The show also included other local and upcoming talented Cincinnati designers, Lonesome Brand, Royalty Brand, Body Kit, Petty on Fleek, Glamour Coated Melons,
Devine Designs Unique, Xtreme Fashions, I am me Clothing and American Junkie. All with a unique flare and gift.

Watch Blue Candies Slay The Runaway

Gabrielle Coco Chanel

Sometimes  when we see famous designers on t.v and magazines or even in major department stores we dream that, that is our brand. and then suddenly we get discouraged thinking that’s just wishful thinking and about all the obstacles and reasons why it will never be us. For the next week I will be highlighting a few of our most famous fashion designers, and the obstacles they overcame to become the major fashion moguls that they are today. I hope this gives you all a little inspiration.

The story of fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is literally a rags-to-riches tale. Born in 1883, Chanel spent her early childhood in a French orphanage, where she learned how to sew. In 1901, Chanel left school to work with a Parisian tailor. During this time she began designing hats, which attracted the attention of the elite. She opened her own business in 1910.

After the First World War, Coco Chanel turned the fashion world upside down by using common fabrics and simple designs to create an elegant and understated style. In 1926, she gave the world the little black dress, a simple design that proved versatile and long-lasting. Other famous Chanel creations included the classic Chanel handbag and Chanel No. 5, a perfume that still enjoys some popularity today.


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Daisys Are In The Air

Spring is almost here. So that means Blue Candies Daisy Dukes are on their way with bold colors and fresh new designs. Beautifully crafted handmade designs with very subtle and intricate details. Here I am below featured in an old design. Which I must say is still quite cute. But the new designs have greatly improved upon the old designs. So stay tuned new designs coming soon.


Support The Arts

As you all know I will be ripping the runway in Orlando this November.  I am so excited, just another plateau In helping fulfill my dreams of being a designer.  So Blue Candies is in need of sponsors. I know times are hard for everyone so any donation will do. Even a $1. If you would like sponsorship with marketing packages.  I’m doing the following.

$25 -Gets your Business Card Passed out at the event.

$50 – Gets your business card passed out at the event and promotion as a sponsor and Advertising on all social media and sites that Blue Candies promotes on. Name and Logo on Flyer

$100- Gets your business card passed out at the event, promotion as a sponsor,  advertising on all social media sites that Blue Candies promotes on, name and logo on flyer and a Free Blue Candies T- shirt and flip flops.

Please send any and all donations Via PayPal to and please put Orlando Sponsorship in the Memo.


Blue Candies Slayed The Runway


Blue Candies showed up and showed out at the Cincy Rip The Runway Event held Saturday the 18th at Celebrities Ballroom.  Bringing bold designs and vibrant color to the Cincinnati runway. We had so much fun and the models were so hott. There was a small problem with the actual but that didn’t stop more then 15 performing artist and designers from bringing it. Indie artist and designers hit the stage and runway packed to a full house. With guest such as Young Swag, Princincinnati, and Push tees just to name a few.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and showed up to support Blue Candies. New York Fashion Week and Orlando Fashion Week are next. So stay tuned new designs to come, it only gets better.

Blue Candies Will Rip Cincinnati’s Runway

bluecandies11July 14, 2015   Lifestyle News

(PRLEAP.COM) Author Charlene Kimber July 13, 2015-Talented emerging Cincinnati designer Charlene Kimber Crutcher will present her latest collection Blue Candies handmade couture knitwear line in the Cincy Rip The Runway event to be held at 7:00 pm on Saturday July 18, 2015 at the Celebrities Ballroom 7617 Reading Rd Cincinnati,

Charlene Kimber Crutcher is was born and raised in the Cincinnati area. She is the creative force and Lead Designer, Beauty and Fashion Director of Blue Candies. Kimber is also the creative force and mastermind behind Blue Candies Footwear Designs. Her unique design vision is expressed in one-of-a-kind intricately handmade footwear, and accessories. Kimber has presented her designs at a number of fashion shows, including NewYork’s Fashion Week, RAW, Mid-West Greatest, Cincinnati’s Silence The Violence and many many more. Her designs have been featured in Allezom International Fashion Magazine, as well as in publications such as Cincy Chic Magazine in her region, Kimber is also set to show in Newyork and Orlando later this year for Fashion Week.

“I love making things by hand because I put my heart soul and love into every piece. Every piece is personal to me so there is a litle of me in each design. Which makes showcasing in my home town even more special to me”

Cincy Rip The Runway is a one day event showcasing couture and local fashion designers. It also includes exhibits of luxury brands and local entertainment. The event is held once a year in Cincinnati and is attended by upscale consumers, invited VIPs, the press and high-end store buyers. Cincy Rip The Runway offers unique promotional opportunities for luxury products and services.

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