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What Is Blue Candies Up To Now?!

Blue Candies has been quite busy lately. There was the recent feature in Haute Ohio Magazines Spring Issue, which was an amazing feature that captured the true essence of Blue Candies craft.  Blue Candies also ripped the runway down on April 2nd 2017 in the Rags 2 Riches Spring Fashion Show at the Avenue Event Center. On June 4th Blue Candies set the runway on fire in the Urban Girls Rock fashion showcase at Cove 51. Featuring 2 boutiques and 2 designers along with some really talented local artist. Stay tuned for the video. With all that under it’s belt, Blue Candies has a full summer ahead building a fashion forward brand that keeps heads turning. Make sure to come down June 11th to the Second Sunday on Main in Cincinnati and shop with Blue Candies. They will have their custom couture flip flops, bare foot sandals and Blue Candies Cami’s available for purchase. Do you enjoy networking and want to learn a new craft? Come out to Blue Candies Knit & Sip June 17th. Then on June 25th catch them at the 2017 fashion Expo. All of Blue Candies Event dates, times and locations can be found under the link for Events.

Rags 2 Riches

Sunday, April 2, 2017, in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Avenue Event Center hosted the Rags 2 Riches Spring Fashion Show. Blue Candies took to the runway with its signature style of handmade couture crochet garments. But there were a few surprises. Blue Candies slayed the runway with custom jeans as well as a sexy lace number that awed the crowd.

Blue Candies also introduced some new pieces to their Brand staying true to the bold and vibrant colors and designs that hug each and every curve of the body. Giving their garments a custom fit that is sure to please. Bold, different and original, Blue Candies designs stood out from the crowd staying away from the Cincinnati tradition of t-shirts and jeans wear.  But Blue Candies line is not your traditional cut and sew line either. Blue Candies line is groundbreaking and ahead of it’s time in the Mid-West region making waves for a new and exciting trend to hit the local runway. Creating a brand that is long overdue to be in the forefront of innovative design and womenswear in Cincinnati.

There was also a long list of hot designers who showcased as well including, Body Kit Customs, Glamour Coated Melons, Petty On Fleek, Hands Down, Petty By Nature, Liam Clothing out of the Atl and at least 7 other local designers.

Watch Blue Candies Full Set From The Show

Blue Candies Capture Couture!

Blue Candies was recently chosen by Haute Ohio Magazine ( The Only High Fashion Mag In the Midwest) as one of The Best Of the Best Designers in the Midwest for its Spring Capture Couture issue. “We are so excited and honored, we can’t wait to slay this Photoshoot” said Kimber CEO and Lead Designer for Blue Candies. The shoot will take place mid March and drop in April. Stay tuned for behind the scenes video snippets and photos from the shoot.






One More Week Until The Greatest Show On Earth!

Ok the count down has begun. It is now exactly 8 days until Blue Candies puts on the greatest show to hit this side of the Mississippi in a long time. Fashion Meets Hip Hop is the Brain child of Blue Candies. It is a cataclysmic explosion of Fashion and Music together on stage to bring you one awesome show. Some of the most talented Indie Artist, Designers, MUA and Photographers in the business.

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Blue Candies Featured In “Cincinnati Scripted Souls”

Blue Candies was recently featured in the newly released Cincinnati Scripted Souls. It is a book of artwork featuring 40 artist from around the Cincinnati area. Blue Candies was given the honor of having 15 pages of designs, bio, links and more. And all the proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to “My Cincinnati”, which provides free music lessons to under privileged children who want to learn to play string instruments.  So get your copy today. Check out some really cool art work and support a good cause.

Purchase Cincinnati Scripted Souls Book Of Artwork


Designer Kimber Crutcher Of Blue Candies Is A Mortar Graduate

August 2nd 2016 at 6pm in Five Points Alley an artistic gem nestled in the Cincinnati Redeveloping Neighborhood of Walnut hills, 13 extraordinary women graduated from the Mortar Program. One of those women was Charlene Kimber Crutcher, Designer for Blue Candies. Charlene has designed for Blue Candies for 5 years but wanted to take Blue Candies to a new level with the Mortar Program. And move Blue Candies from a home business into a Mobile Boutique business. The Mortar Program in Walnut Hills being called our city’s next revitalization, story. MORTAR fulfills its purpose by building on these successes through focusing on those who are often ignored. By targeting underserved and redeveloping communities, they are offering these non-traditional entrepreneurs the opportunity to use our inherent talents to not just make a dollar, but to positively participate in the rise of  Cincinnati.

Each Class is followed up with a Pitch Night. Graduates must Pitch their business and ideas to a crowd of family, friends, investors and members of the community. This is the night when every thing that they have learned comes into play. The attendees then vote on who should get the money from Pitch Night that each guest paid to get into the event. Although Kimber did win the Pitch Night she made some awesome connections and and received lots of positive feed back.

Kimber Crutcher has been working hard to build her Brand. And with this new en devour brings new opportunities, exposure, and the skills to develop her business into a success. And it’s not over yet, Mortar provides 18 months of support for the graduates to help the business have a successful startup.  Being part of the Mortar program solidifies the Blue Candies Brand. The best is yet to come for her!

2016 Mortar-Indigo Graduates:

  1. Vy Sok
  2. Jesse Fox
  3. Christina Davis
  4. Charlene Kimber Crutcher
  5. Renee Laguna
  6. Jerri Tolliver
  7. Danielle Sharee
  8. Liz Wolf
  9. Briona
  10. Achsah Fitzhugh
  11. Que Kinebrew
  12. Shamekko Early
  13. Monica Tuck

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Blue Candies Slayed Once Again In The Fashion Forward Cincy Fashion Show!

Blue Candies never seems to disappoint. Blue Candies Slayed, Ripped and lit the Runway on Fire once again in the Fashion Forward Cincy Fashion Competition Saturday July 16th at the Ramada formerly known as CoCoKey Water Resort in Cincinnati, Ohio. Introducing two new designs on the Runway. Along with some that had never been showcased. Blue Candies wowed the crowed with bold designs and candy like colors. Blue Candies showed handcrafted Art at it’s best.

If you were unable to be one of the lucky few to get a ticket to the show here is the video. Please Like, Subscribe to my Channel and as always Please Share!

Watch Blue Candies In Fashion Forward Cincy!

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Check out “Fashion Forward Cincy”!

Blue Candies will be showcasing in the hottest Fashion Show to hit Cincinnati this Summer! Celebrity Judges will be on deck to decide who has the hottest set. There will be 10 designers showcasing in a competition to win $500 and a feature in Fashion Forward Magazine. So come on out and make Damn Sure it’s “Blue Candies”!
*Ask me how to get discount tickets for Blue Candies Supporters*

Check out “Fashion Forward Cincy” on Eventbrite!

Date: Saturday, July 16, 2016

Location: Ramada Plaza


Time to Walk With A Purpose

One of Cincinnati’s best kept secrets is its growing urban fashion community and it’s amazing Indie fashion designers.

Blue Candies had a chance recently to chat with one of Cincinnati’s newest and upcoming designers Nadine Simmons to discuss her Brand. Which she developed not only to create a clothing line but to also have an impact on her community.

There were 11 homicides, 42 rapes, 178 robberies and 139 assaults in Cincinnati in the last two weeks. The child poverty level is the 3rd highest in the nation. Walk with a purpose aims to have an impact on these statistics. To show the the youth how to “Walk With A Purpose” and that they to can overcome any situation and be who and whatever they want to be. Even a model and a fashion designer.

Nadine Simmons also known as the “Black Barbie” is 22 years old and has been modeling for only a year now and that is her passion. She always had a passion for fashion. One day she told a friend she was bored with just work, work at work, work at school and it seems like she was always working. So her friend told her that she needed a hobby. He is also a designer as well. He told her she should start her own t-shirt line. So she brained stormed and it didn’t take her that long. Since her teacher always said she walked like a nurse because she always strutted down the hallway like she was on the runway, she got an idea. Nurses have their own purpose that’s what she is in school for and that’s how WALK WITH A Purpose came about. But that just wasn’t enough so she started a little girls and boys program called walk with a purpose. Her boyfriend will teach the boys and she will teach the girls. Her line is be based off that program. She wants to teach them that they all have a purpose, self-love, self-confidence, dance, health, wealth, modeling, about God if their parents allow it, feed them, take them on nice trips, and etc. Why? The reason is because she loves children as well but it gets deeper. Growing up she was one of those less fortune kids. Her mom was a single parent and did the best for all of her nine children. Her family lived at poverty level. They had food, clothes and a home to live but the family suffered through  many hardships. Growing up she was also bullied because of her dark skin. And despite being bullied she kept her self-esteem high. She learned to love her self  at an early age. So she knew the best way to reach children  is while they are still young. Her programs is geared to give children a stress free environment, somewhere and somewhere to play. She would also like to take them on different adventures, educational and teaching programs and also expose them to opportunities that they may have felt were out of reach or missed out on because of they are not afforded the same opportunities as a child growing up in the Suburbs. She wants to build homes for them. Be a counselor to them. Even provide them access to bill and utility assistance. She says that God showed her who she was and gave her the strength to carry out the person that she is. 

“That’s why my line is important because everyone has purpose and I am here to help in any shape and form. It’s more than just a brand its apart of who I am. I walk with a purpose and others should too.”

We asked Nadine a few questions about her Brand and her take on the fashion industry in Cincinnati. Here is what she had to say.

Blue Candies: What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer?

Nadine Simmons: Fashion to me means the creative art that comes from the heart.

Blue Candies: What interest you about fadhion?

Nadine Simmons: Everything interest me about fashion, it’s so unique. I love all the different styles and ideas.

Blue Candies: What is your take on the Urban Indie Fashion Industry in Cincinnati?

Nadine Simmons: When it comes to fashion I don’t like how people think that they have to compete with others and it’s no competition if it’s really your dream. So if it’s a dream no one can never compete with you because you’re going to do whatever it takes to be successful and fulfill that dream.

Blue Candies: Being a designer in the Urban Indie Fashion Industry in Cincinnati, What is your take on how you see it? Is there room for growth?

Nadine Simmons: Being a new designer its only one way that I see fashion and that is to focus on growing as an brand not just to pay bills but to enjoy my brand as well. It’s a lot of brands out here so that means I have to market myself harder. I feel as though it is always room for growth.

Blue Candies: Where did you get your inspiration for your Brand?

Nadine Simmons: I got my inspiration from my friend Aaron Harrison, my teacher at school, and from kids nowadays with no direction, also from childhood experiences.

Blue Candies: How far would you like to see your Brand go?

Nadine Simmons: I want to see my brand go across the world.

Blue Candies: What is the special thing about a design that catches your eye?

Nadine Simmons: The special thing that catches my eye about a design is the message that the design is displaying and also colorful designs because I love color.

Blue Candies: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own brand or fashion line?

Nadine Simmons: The advice I would give a person who is looking to start is make sure that this is something that you want to do no matter if the sales are going up or down. Don’t just rush in start a brand think hard and like about it. Also take your time. Your brand is you and you don’t want to just put anything out there that won’t represent who you are.

Blue Candies: Is there anyone you wouldlike to mention or thank in regards to you who you are or your brand?
Nadine Simmons: I would like to thank my Mom for teaching me all I know and my pastor. My main cousins that believe in me, Sharon and Falisha. Terrion for drawing my picture art he is a very talented young men, Aaron Harrison for helping me get established Demetrius which is my best friend he always pushes me and all my supporters I really appreciate them

I really enjoyed my chat with Nadine. She was honest, out going and very passionate about her Brand and it’s purpose. Nadine is definitely a Brand to follow. I see great things coming. Support her Brand buy a t-shirt! And help a child in need. “WALK WITH A PURPOSE”

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Model Page: Nadine Nessiah Model Page


Nadine Simmons







Author: Charlene Kimber
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