Blue Candies Capture Couture!

Blue Candies was recently chosen by Haute Ohio Magazine ( The Only High Fashion Mag In the Midwest) as one of The Best Of the Best Designers in the Midwest for its Spring Capture Couture issue. “We are so excited and honored, we can’t wait to slay this Photoshoot” said Kimber CEO and Lead Designer for Blue Candies. The shoot will take place mid March and drop in April. Stay tuned for behind the scenes video snippets and photos from the shoot.






The New MakeUp Craze

Do you contour your makeup or want to get started? What about color correcting?

If you have been keeping up with your favorite makeup perfectionists, and the beauty world in general then you will know about the new natural craze of contouring, which has gone wild on Instagram and the beauty industry.

The Kardashian clan helped usher in the contouring trend, making it a global phenomenon. We’re just starting to perfect our technique and already a new makeup craze is popping up: color correcting. It functions like contouring in that you draw on your face like an elementary school chalkboard. But rather than just focusing on light or dark areas, color correcting balances out the skin tone using opposite hues on the color wheel.

Orange counters dark under eye spots, green covers redness, yellow balances out any purple bruises and the list goes on. Foundation is applied after for a flawless finish. It’s a complicated method but if applied correctly the results are stunning.

And the best part about color correcting is you don’t have to do a full face of makeup to get results. A little bit of green to cover a red spot or yellow to conceal a zit will do the trick.

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New Year New You!

It’s the start of a new year. What better time to start working on a new you. From starting a new work out plan to beginning a new diet plan. A new year is always a good time for new adventures. Doing something new programs the mind to believe in new possibilities and spawns optimism. Don’t just sit on the couch talking about what you want to do this year get out and do it.

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In case You Didn’t Know!

In case you did not know the ever awaited issue of AMillion Magazine featuring Blue Candies finally dropped and you know I got my copy. The magazine is a wonderful mix of fashion and hip hop rolled into one bringing a unique spot lite to Artist, Designers, Photographer and Make Up Artist.

If you just want to see Blue Candies spread take a peak below but if you want to see all that AMillion Magazine has to offer Just Click This Link!

Model: Nicc Patrick


Can You Say Slayed?!

Blue Candies never seems to disappoint. We slayed once again in the Adult Mini Prom and Fashion Show held at the Elegant Event Center on Hamilton ave in Cincinnati, Ohio, Friday November 11 at 8pm 2016.

It was a Fashion Show,Prom and Fund Raiser for abused children  put together by Ms.Brinkston designer  and model. Blue Candies felt honored to be made a part. And as always we showed up and showed out as only we can. Bringing an amazing energy coupled with a professional team. HMUA Christina Harten and her assistant Morgan and the ever beautiful Model Emoni along with my one of a kind handmade original designs we showed them Blue Candies don’t Play we Slay! Watch Us Slay!

CrystalNeacole fashion tips!!!!!

Today my good people is Friday, so as the fall enter our lives there are things that I just don’t want to see. . Ladies and gents jeggings are a life saver for some and a big comfort for most. Although you may buy you a great pair that doesn’t mean the next pair will be the best choice for you.

Painted on pockets, see through and thin jeggings is always a no no. Not only are you disrespecting the whole genre of the jegging trend, you look cheap and unclassy. It’s nobody business how much you pay for your clothing. The whole idea is to look more than what you paid for.I could have bought my shirt for a buck, but you will never know.

These fashion yuck jeggings are a clear sign of cheapest at it’s finest. Whom ever is designing these sorry lazy excuse as a…

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Fashion Meets Hip Hop

Time to prepare for another epic show. So in order to bring you the best of the best in the Indie Artist movement, we are holding a casting call this Thursday October 13th 9pm @Hat Tricks 902 Madison Ave in Covington, Ky. 41011. We are looking for Models, Designers, MUA, Photographers and Artist.

Not interested in the show but just want to hang out with us? Join us for the Casting Call After Party immediately following the Casting. Hosted by Blue Candies, DJ Mr.5th, Mrs.5th and DJ BearNickel. Lets jump start this show off the right way!

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